Biblical Archaeology Review 42:6, November/December 2016

ReViews: The Significance of Ancient Cities to the Bible’s Formation

The “Holy Land” is a common entry on travel bucket lists. People are fascinated with seeing and experiencing the settings of what may be the most influential book of all time—the Bible. Many are eager to visit historical and archaeological sites that are connected with their faith traditions. Unfortunately, such a trip is often beyond people’s reach due to money and time constraints. Even the sheer number of possible places to visit in Israel, Jordan and Palestine can be overwhelming. Without an experienced guide, many wonderful sites are overlooked or, if they are visited, their history and importance remains bewildering.

To remedy this situation, many people join a tour group or venture out alone with a guidebook in hand. Robert Cargill’s new book, The Cities That Built the Bible, would be an excellent travel companion. An archaeologist and Biblical scholar, Cargill is Assistant Professor of Classics and Religious Studies at the University of Iowa. He has also hosted numerous television documentaries, such as the History Channel’s series Bible Secrets Revealed. What better guide to have in the lands of the Bible?

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