Biblical Archaeology Review 42:6, November/December 2016

Queries & Comments

Archaeology Supporting the Bible

Archaeology Gives New Reality to Paul’s Ephesus Riot” by James R. Edwards (BAR 42:04) is the best. The printed passage on the riot at Ephesus (Acts 19:23–41) was conveniently available. And the pictures, map and background all support the conclusion that “Luke knew what he was talking about in recording the riot in the theater.” It is wonderful to read an article that uses archaeology to support the Bible.

Jay Moyers Centennial, Colorado

My Hat’s Off to Hershel

I just finished reading Hershel Shanks’s article on the ivory pomegranate and the authenticity of its inscription (“Ivory Pomegranate,BAR 42:02). He and I are the same age (86), and I am in wonder at his determination, perspicacity and energy!

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