Biblical Archaeology Review 43:3, May/June 2017

Queries & Comments

Don’t Disrespect the Dead

The cover of the January/February 2017 issue confirmed my feelings about your magazine. The skeleton on the cover—head turned, posed with the pottery and tools, looking at the worker taking notes—was contrived and demeaning. Excavating bones or flesh buried for centuries in a far-off land—or digging up my grandfather in Indiana last week—is disrespectful. You should know better.

Duane R. Folzenlogel Indianapolis, Indiana

Bar the Skeletons

I want you to know I enjoy your magazine more than any other I have ever subscribed to. But you might want to consider how many pictures of skeletons you picture. I’m not complaining, but the skeletons of old and unnamed humans are very sad to see.

Joyce Boles Vancouver, Washington
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