Biblical Archaeology Review 43:4, July/August 2017

Strata: Exhibit Watch: Ashkelon Through the Ages

As a Mediterranean port city, ancient Ashkelon saw many peoples pass through it—Canaanites, Philistines, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and Crusaders, among them. The objects they left behind tell an incredible story of these peoples’ ingenuity, strength, entrepreneurship, creativity and determination.

Through August 5, 2017, you can see their story at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem exhibit Ashkelon: A Retrospective. 30 Years of the Leon Levy Expedition, which is currently on display at the Rockefeller Archaeological Museum in Jerusalem. Curated by Fawzi Ibrahim, Nurith Goshen and Daniel M. Master, the exhibit walks visitors through the ancient site.

Covering 5,000 years of history, Ashkelon: A Retrospective features statues, coins, jewelry, figurines and pottery—including a Canaanite silver calf found in a shrine next to Ashkelon’s Middle Bronze Age gate (the oldest arched gate in the world) and artifacts from Ashkelon’s recently discovered Philistine cemetery.

The Leon Levy Expedition to Ashkelon has been excavating at the site since 1985; its final season was 2016. The exhibit features many items from its excavations, along with discoveries from other excavations at Ashkelon from the past two centuries.

Through August 5, 2017
Rockefeller Archaeological Museum
Jerusalem, Israel
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