Biblical Archaeology Review 44:4, July/August 2018

Queries & Comments

Kudos to Cargill!

Congratulations on your appointment to the stellar editorship of BAR, Robert (Bob) Cargill!

I love the new format, which is now comparable to Harvard Magazine. What’s not to like?

One letter stated you are a Midwesterner, no doubt because of your professorship at the University of Iowa. Your roots, however, are more in line with the climate and terrain of Israel. You grew up in the San Joaquin Valley around Fresno, California, noted for table grapes, prune plums, and almonds—and to the east lay the higher plateaus and Sierra Nevada Mountains. It’s like looking east from the Jezreel Valley across vineyards and almond groves and locating the Golan Heights and the Lebanon Range. Then you moved to the Los Angeles area to complete graduate degrees—a locale more in keeping with Tel Aviv and Haifa.

Perhaps you do have Midwestern roots. Four of your Pepperdine graduate professors had doctorates from the University of Iowa: John Wilson, Royce Clark, Richard Hughes, and me. Many Iowans migrated to southern California. In the 1950s, Iowa expatriates held a Fourth of July picnic on Long Beach to which 100,000 people came.

You are charged with a great task. Carry on.

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