Biblical Archaeology Review 45:1, January/February 2019

Strata: Another Lod Mosaic

While constructing a center to permanently house the famous Lod Mosaic, archaeologists uncovered yet another mosaic!

These mosaics originally graced the floors of a fourth-century C.E. Roman villa in Diospolis (modern Lod, Israel, located just southeast of Tel Aviv). It is not clear whether the owners of this villa were pagan, Jewish, or Christian.a The lack of human figures in the mosaics may hint at a Jewish identity, but there are no inscriptions or other archaeological finds to confirm this.

The new mosaic features fish and birds. It was unearthed in a reception room near the reception hall where the famous Lod Mosaic once rested. The discovery of this new room shows that the villa was larger than originally supposed.

This new mosaic will be displayed at the Shelby White and Leon Levy Lod Mosaic Center, which is scheduled to open by 2020.

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