Biblical Archaeology Review 45:1, January/February 2019

Strata: Two Readers Meet at a BAR

At least two individuals read BAR in the small town of Houston, Minnesota—population 979.

In the July/August 2018 issue of BAR, we announced Ronald Burfield of Houston, Minnesota, as a runner-up for our November/December 2017 cartoon caption contest. Shortly after, James Little—another resident of Houston—wrote a letter to the editor of the town’s newspaper, the Houston Banner, commending Burfield on his achievement. Although not acquainted with Burfield, Little celebrated the fact that another person in Houston shared his love of Biblical archaeology!

Burfield read Little’s letter in the June 28, 2018, edition of the Houston Banner and shared it with us. We hope BAR continues to connect people—both near and far, past and present!

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