Biblical Archaeology Review 45:2, March/April 2019

Queries & Comments

We’re All Political

I appreciate your editorial (First Person: “Political v. Partisan,BAR, November/December 2018). If those of us who claim a commitment to truth and justice rooted in an identity with God can’t relate to one another without force and rancor, who can?

We’re all political, if we have even a cursory involvement in the welfare of our nations and communities. It’s when we “get political” and endeavor to force our political positions on others that we create problems. Perhaps we would be better to take Jesus’s example to heart. As you know, when the people of a village chose not to be hospitable to him, he simply elected to go to another village (Luke 9:53-56).

I have always thoroughly enjoyed the “cancel my subscription” letters. Disagree as I might with some of the things said and claimed in the pages of BAR, I have continued to renew my subscription. I have a complete collection of BAR: every issue from #1 to now.

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