Biblical Archaeology Review 46:1, January/February 2020

Strata: Define Intervention: wedjat

What’s the definition of wedjat?

1. The Neo-Assyrian word for the act of impaling a defeated enemy upon a stake and marching him into the next targeted city.

2. The Egyptian word for the Eye of Horus.

3. An early word for the typical pose struck by Canaanite fertility goddesses.

4. The Nabatean word for the hand-carved channel that brings fresh water through the narrow Siq canyon into Petra.

Answer: 2

The Egyptian word for the Eye of Horus, the ancient Egyptian sky god who was usually depicted as a falcon. Horus was a symbol of royal power, protection, and good health. The wedjat was worn as an amulet to ward off evil and was drawn on ships to protect sailors and ensure safe travel.

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