Biblical Archaeology Review 46:1, January/February 2020

Caption Contest

Biblical Archaeology Review

“I’m really dreading this.”

—Dale Stout, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our July/August/September/October 2019 cartoon, based on Judges 16:15-19. We are pleased to congratulate Dale Stout of Colorado Springs, Colorado, who wrote the winning caption, and our runners-up:


“This cut will be all the rage in Philistia!”

—Jeff Fackler, Cleona, Pennsylvania

“Shave and a haircut—two pieces of silver.”

—Richard Friesenhengst, Columbus, Ohio


“That haircut sure took a lot out of me.”

—Jason French, Water Valley, Mississippi

“The worst mistakes in life begin with a haircut.”

—Linda Bowen, Littleton, North Carolina

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