Biblical Archaeology Review 46:1, January/February 2020

First Person: Introducing the New BAR

By Robert R. Cargill

By now you may have noticed we’ve made some changes to this first issue of 2020. In addition to some of the policy changes we’ve implemented over the past two years, including no longer publishing unprovenanced objects that have come to light since 1970, we’ve also welcomed our first redesign in 14 years. We’ve worked on this redesign for more than a year with our wonderful design team at AURAS Design, and we’re excited about the result. Let me walk you through these changes and highlight a few new features.

First, you’ll notice that we’ve eliminated the border around the edge of the cover. This allows us to print a larger, visually stunning cover photo. We’ve also removed some of the text from the cover, eliminating additional distractions from the cover image.

Second, you’ll notice that our Table of Contents is now spread over three pages. The first page highlights our featured articles. On the second page, we list all of the other content in the magazine. On the third page, you’ll find web resources that will allow you to find more information online about the things you’ve read in BAR.

You’ll find old favorites like the Editor’s First Person commentary right up front. We’ve enhanced our reader-favorite Queries & Comments (Q&C) department, where we publish your letters to the editor and questions to BAR authors. If you don’t see the letter you wrote to the editor, check our website! There we have an expanded Q&C section, where we publish even more letters, along with our responses.

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