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Biblical Archaeology Review 46:2, Spring 2020

Strata: The Holy Seaports

Before the airplane, pilgrims, explorers, traders, and archaeologists alike often traveled to the Holy Land via ship. Anchors Aweigh: Seaports of the Holy Land, a new exhibit at the Bible Lands Museum, Jerusalem, explores the seaports where these travelers landed. Their prints, drawings, maps, and photographs of seaports in Palestine from the 16th–20th centuries bring these old harbors back to life. Many of the depictions on display predate the 19th-century invention of film photography, such as “Jaffa, the Ancient Joppa,” a drawing of Jaffa—from a steel engraving. Under Ottoman control in the 19th–20th centuries, Jaffa, called the “Port of Jerusalem,” served as the region’s primary seaport.