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Biblical Archaeology Review 46:3, Summer 2020

Queries & Comments

Many of you wrote in to comment on the new design of BAR. Thank you for the feedback! As you may have noticed, we keep fine-tuning things to make BAR the most enjoyable and enriching experience possible for everyone. We can print but a handful of your letters, but we read them all. For more, go online, to

Redesign Reactions

I just received my new issue of BAR yesterday. I’ve already read everything, but I’m going to read it again. By the way, as an “old” guy, I usually am not fond of major changes. However, I think the changes in type and format are outstanding. It is easier to read, and the pictures really “pop.” Somehow it makes the people seem more real. As a practicing Christian, I have always enjoyed the content and believe God wants us to think. Keep up the good work.


Good job on the update. Specifically, I like that we no longer have to jump to the end of the magazine to finish an article, and the front cover is really nice. Kudos on the expanded table of contents and Q&C section, as well as the improved typeface. Thanks for listening and trying to give us the magazine we’re asking for. Hershel did a great job, but you’re working to make it even better—thanks!

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