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Biblical Archaeology Review, Fall 2020



The Face of Yahweh?

By Yosef Garfinkel

Archaeologists have uncovered male figurines from sites in ancient Judah. Could these represent the Israelite God, Yahweh?Read more ›

Who Built Tel Rekhesh?

By Shuichi HasegawaHisao KuwabaraYitzhak Paz

After the Assyrian conquest of the northern Kingdom of Israel and deportation of its people in 722 B.C.E., who lived in the land? A large building complex at Tel Rekhesh hints that the new inhabitants came from Mesopotamia.Read more ›

Social Conflict in Ancient Galilee

By Sarah E. Rollens

Social theory helps biblical scholars bridge the worlds of archaeology and text. In a case study, see how it illuminates life and social conflict in ancient Galilee—the backdrop of the Gospels.Read more ›