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Biblical Archaeology Review 46:4, Fall 2020

Strata: Virtual Museum Tour: 12 Stops Through Biblical History

In light of the global pandemic, museums throughout the world closed their physical doors. Yet rather than pausing their educational mission, many opened up their collections to be explored and enjoyed digitally. Even if you are confined within your home, you can virtually tour some of the world’s top museums.

Visit to explore more than 2,000 museums and cultural institutions, including the Israel Museum, Metro-politan Museum of Art (MET), British Museum, Uffizi Gallery, and Art Institute of Chicago. To see more of these institutions’ collections, visit their individual websites.

BAR suggests the following itinerary to see some of the top biblical archaeology artifacts in museums around the world—from the comfort of your own home. Walk through biblical history with us.


Tel Dan Stele


Israel Museum, Jerusalem

This inscription may reference the “House of David.”


Mesha Stele


Louvre Museum, Paris

This inscription details the success of the Moabite king Mesha over the Israelites. The Israelite version of these events appears in the Bible (2 Kings 3).

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