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Biblical Archaeology Review 46:4, Fall 2020

Queries & Comments

Biblical Archaeology Review

In these troubling times, we appreciate that you keep sharing your opinions with us (the editors) and one another. It is great to see so many of you engage critically with the diverse content we strive to bring you no matter the circumstances. You can find more letters online, along with a few responses, at

What a Joy!

I want to share my joy—yes joy—at the direction BAR has consciously chosen to move in the past two years. You have increased the scope and breadth of subject matter; openly welcomed—nay, encouraged—discussion and debate; and exhibited new openness, receptiveness, and candor—all while maintaining the most rigorous professional standards. Collectively, these decisions can be risky and place you directly in the epicenter of heated debate and contentious argument. That takes courage and the willingness, not seen often in the academe (especially among biblical scholars), to be vulnerable and to trust us (the audience) to read as honestly as you publish.

I will say it again: What a joy! Congratulations, and thank you.


Don’t Agree, But…

Regarding those few who cancel their subscription because they find something they don’t agree with or understand, it seems they only want to listen to or read what they agree with. An echo chamber effect.

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