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Biblical Archaeology Review 46:5, Winter 2020

Strata: Storage Wars B.C.E.

Digging in the Arnona neighborhood of Jerusalem, archaeologists have uncovered a large storage center, which was active in the days of Kings Hezekiah and Manasseh. They have found 120 stamped jar handles, belonging to jar types that often held wine or olive oil. Many of the stamped handles feature the phrase LMLK in the Old Hebrew script, translated “to the king.” Below these letters appears a winged sun disk and the name of one of four Judahite cities: Hebron, Ziph, Socho, or Mmst (still unidentified). Other handles bear the names of senior officials or prominent individuals. Although stamped handles have been found throughout the Kingdom of Judah, this is one of the largest collections found to date.

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