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Biblical Archaeology Review 47:2, Summer 2021

Epistles: 5 Questions: Meet BAR’s New Editor

Biblical Archaeology Review

Glenn J. Corbett, the new Editor of Biblical Archaeology Review, answers 5 Questions about his training and experience that led him to fill this new role at the Biblical Archaeology Society. From South Carolina to Petra, it’s been an exciting journey!

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What caused you to pursue a career in archaeology?

GLENN J. CORBETT: I was raised with a deep appreciation for the past. I grew up in South Carolina, where historical sites and battlefields are always close at hand, and, as an Army brat, I also had the opportunity to live abroad at an early age, exploring European museums and medieval castles on weekend trips. And like so many of my generation, certainly the Indiana Jones films spurred a deep fascination with the “lost civilizations” of the ancient world. But, more than anything, what attracted me to archaeology was the idea of “discovery”—being able to reveal something, whether an artifact or a new understanding of the past, that had been previously lost, misunderstood, or simply unknown. For me, that is the real joy of archaeology.

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Where was your first dig?

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