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Biblical Archaeology Review 47:2, Summer 2021

Queries & Comments

This issue, we print just a few of your thoughtful letters noting the many contributions of departing BAR Editor Bob Cargill and the recent passing of BAR’s founder, the legendary Hershel Shanks. Even amid these changes, our readers continue to offer impressive insights, reflections, and questions about the many topics covered in the pages of BAR. You can find more letters online, along with a few responses, at

A Job Well Done

Your resignation, Mr. Cargill, surprised me (not in a good way!), because you brought BAR to a new level of readability and common sense—especially with the redesign, but also by your insistence on a level of scholarship that transcends those people with a preconceived notion of what they think is truth. I hope that your successor will continue pointing BAR in the right direction!


Bob Cargill, thanks for all you have done in the past three years, picking up the ball from Hershel and running with it. About the only thing I disagreed with was your steadfast rejection of publishing unprovenanced artifacts, though, I understood your reasoning. You are a credit to all Hawkeyes!

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