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Biblical Archaeology Review 48:1, Spring 2022

Queries & Comments

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and comments about our Fall 2021 issue. We appreciate your feedback. Here are a few of the letters we received. Find more online at

Thankful and Gratified

I have been reading BAR since the 1970s, before there were color pictures and a slick, glossy cover. For me, BAR has been a way to stay connected with the lands of the Bible. What I have appreciated most about BAR is that it provides current information about excavations and new discoveries. This has informed my teaching of the Bible by providing the historical, geographical, cultural, and archaeological background of the ancient Near East.

I was saddened by the passing of BAR’s founder and editor, Hershel Shanks, but am thankful and gratified that the vision and tradition of BAR continues today.

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