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Biblical Archaeology Review 48:1, Spring 2022


Biblical Archaeology Review

Ahmad Al-Jallad (Jesus in Arabia: Tracing the Spread of Christianity into the Desert) is Professor of Arabic Studies at The Ohio State University. He focuses on the languages and writing systems of pre-Islamic Arabia and the ancient Near East.

Rachel Bar-Nathan (Proof Positive: How We Used Math to Find Herod’s Palace at Banias) is a senior archaeologist with the Israel Antiquities Authority. She was the assistant to Ehud Netzer at his excavations of the Herodian sites of Banias, Jericho, Herodium, Cypros, and Quarantal.

Barry J. Beitzel (A Sea Change? Finding the Biblical Red Sea) is Professor Emeritus of Old Testament and Semitic Languages at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He wrote Where Was the Biblical Red Sea? Examining the Ancient Evidence (2020).

Tim Frank (Biblical Archaeology 101: Storage and Staples in Biblical Israel) is the Vicar of Papanui, New Zealand. His main interest is household archaeology of ancient Israel. He recently authored Household Food Storage in Ancient Israel and Judah (2018). He is part of the Lahav Research Project, conducting archaeological excavations at Tel Halif in Israel.

Yosef Garfinkel (Name of Biblical Judge Surfaces) is the Yigael Yadin Chair in Archaeology of Israel at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He directs excavations at Tel Lachish and Khirbet al-Ra‘i—in addition to publishing the Khirbet Qeiyafa excavations.

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