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Biblical Archaeology Review 48:4, Winter 2022

Queries & Comments

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and comments about our Summer 2022 issue. We appreciate your feedback. Here are a few of the letters we received. Find more online at

Pretty Fun

I just finished reading practically every word of the Summer 2022 issue. I noted in “Digging In” that Glenn Corbett is finishing his first year as Editor, a position that he says has been pretty fun. The past year of BAR definitely demonstrates this fun. I have enjoyed the selection of articles, the clarity of the language, the well-annotated subjects, the explanations of Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic words, as well as the photography, the layouts, and the general format of the magazine. I am a retired Lutheran pastor looking forward to my second trip to Israel and Jordan this fall. BAR keeps me up to date and current about “Holy Land” things shoved way back in my memory. Thank you!

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