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Biblical Archaeology Review, Summer 2023



The Rise of the Maccabees

By Andrea M. Berlin

The Maccabees created an independent Jewish kingdom in the second century BCE. Their success was a testament to their zeal—and some significant external factors. The Book of 1 Maccabees tells the story of their rise, while archaeology places the story within a larger historical and political context. Tour the region, previously controlled by a long list of empires, that became Maccabean territory.Read more ›

David and Solomon’s Invisible Kingdom

By Zachary ThomasErez Ben-Yosef

After centuries of excavation, we still have little archaeological evidence for the kingdom of David and Solomon. This has caused some to speculate that their kingdom never existed or existed only on a small scale. Yet another explanation is possible: Their kingdom was composed of a largely nomadic population, whose archaeological remains are nearly invisible.Read more ›

Jerusalem’s Temple Treasures: Where Did They Go?

By Elena Dugan

According to the Book of Ezra, the looted treasures of Solomon’s Temple returned to Jerusalem after the Babylonian Exile. An enigmatic Hebrew treatise, however, suggests the precious implements never made it back. Instead, they were reportedly hidden somewhere in Babylonia, waiting to reveal themselves at the coming of the messiah. Explore what the Treatise of the Vessels says about the lost treasures of the First Temple.Read more ›

The Amorites and the Bible

By Aaron A. Burke

The biblical authors depict the Amorites as one of early Israel’s fiercest opponents. Although they are credited with impressive, well-fortified towns and massive monuments, the Amorites are also condemned for idolatry. Who were these legendary figures, why do they receive such pointed condemnation, and how did the landscape of Canaan influence the biblical depiction?Read more ›