Biblical Archaeology Review 5:6, November/December 1979

Reader Inspects BAR Restoration of an Israelite Village

By David Epstein

The early Israelite site of Izbet Sartah, believed to be Biblical Ebenezer (1 Samuel 4), is inauspiciously located in the midst of the town dump of modern day Rosh Haayin. I went to Izbet Sartah to see the recently completed preservation work. (See “BAR Readers to Restore Israelite Village from Days of the Judges,” BAR 05:01). As a contributor to the BAR Archaeological Preservation Fund interested in archaeology but not professionally involved, I wanted to learn why BAR selected particular sites and what are the benefits of restoration. I had on other occasions seen various well-preserved major sites, such as Masada, but this one was quite modest, according to the description in the literature. (See “An Israelite Village from the Days of the Judges,” BAR 04:03.)

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