Biblical Archaeology Review 6:3, May/June 1980
Elba Update

New Ebla Epigrapher Attacks Conclusion of Ousted Ebla Scholar

Professor Archi disagrees with Professor Pettinato’s Biblical connections.

Dr. Alfonso Archi of the University of Rome’s Institute of Near Eastern Studies and the new chief epigrapher of the Italian Mission to Ebla, has vigorously disputed the conclusions of his predecessor, Dr. Giovanni Pettinato, linking the Ebla tablets to the Bible.

Following a bitter personal and scholarly dispute with chief archaeologist Paolo Matthiae, Pettinato severed all connections with the Italian Ebla Mission and with the committee appointed by Matthiae to publish the tablets.

Archi was chosen to replace Pettinato and, in the course of his tenure with the Committee, has disagreed with many of Pettinato’s interpretations of the Ebla tablets. Writing in the Italian journal Biblica,a Archi provides his point-by-point refutation of some of Pettinato’s claims.

Archi concludes that scholars have little reason “to look for the origins of Israel in the tablets of Ebla.”

Here are some of the points Archi makes:

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