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Biblical Archaeology Review, July/August 1980



The Last Legacy of Roland de Vaux

By Nahum M. Sarna

To English-speaking readers, the late French scholar Roland de Vaux, is known mainly as the author of Ancient Israel: Its Life and Institutions,1 that massive, erudite, skillfully synthesized, and panoramic treatment of the various forms through which the social, political and religious life of...Read more ›

The Separate Traditions of Abraham and Jacob

By Roland de Vaux

The historian’s difficulties increase the further back he goes into past. The most intractable problem is … that of the first ancestors whom Israel claimed as her own, the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, whose “history” is told in Genesis 12–35. The...Read more ›

In Search of Solomon’s Lost Treasures

By Neil Asher Silberman

On the morning of April 19, 1911, a crowd of angry Moslems, outraged at what they considered to be a desecration of the holy Mosque of Omar or the Dome of the Rock, rampaged through the streets of Jerusalem, quickly mobbing the entrance to...Read more ›