Biblical Archaeology Review 6:6, November/December 1980

Queries & Comments

Defends BAR Against Bias Charge

To the Editor:

In response to the letter of Mr. Charles King (Queries & Comments, BAR 06:05):

I have always found BAR to be a well-balanced periodical. This balance is rather difficult to maintain, as little subject matter is as emotionally charged as Biblical studies.

I am not surprised that Mr. King fails to supply any documentation to support his claim that BAR is biased against “the truth of the Bible.” The “truth” to which Mr. King refers is, of course, his own subjective viewpoint.

BAR is a scientific bimonthly, not a religious one. Mr. King should have been a little more honest, and written the first line of his letter in this manner: “I am interested in the archaeology of Biblical lands—because I expect it to prove my beliefs.”

It is of no use for persons of Mr. King’s persuasion to make statements such as he has made about “bias” and be unable or unwilling to back them up, particularly when there is so much evidence to the contrary.

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