Biblical Archaeology Review 7:2, March/April 1981


Biblical Archaeology Review

New Edition of Religious Books and Periodicals Reference

The second edition of Religious Books and Serials in Print 1980–1981 is now available from the publisher, R. R. Bowker Company. 47,788 book titles from 2,160 U. S. publishers and 3,453 international serial titles are arranged separately in this compendium of religious publications.

The new edition of Religious Books and Serial in Print features two unique sections: A Sacred Works Index and a Subject Area Directory. The Sacred Works Index encompasses the major texts of all the world’s religions. Nearly 56 versions of the Bible are listed, as are 18 other scriptural works.

The Subject Area Dictionary classifies 4,500 subjects according to 48 topics or areas. All aspects of religion including books which discuss religious implications of social issues are treated.

Religious Books and Serials in Print 1980–1981 may be ordered from R. R. Bowker Co; 1180 Avenue of the Americas; New York, NY 10036. The price is $42.00 plus shipping and handling.

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