Biblical Archaeology Review 7:3, May/June 1981

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Biblical Archaeology Review

While resolving old mysteries archaeology can create new ones. Rudolph Cohen of the Israel Department of Antiquities excavated a site commonly thought to be Kadesh-Barnea, the most important stop on the Exodus route from Egypt to Canaan. But Cohen found no remains from the Exodus period. He discusses the problem in “Did I Excavate Kadesh-Barnea?” Cohen also reports on some of the important remains which he did find from the period of King Solomon and later. For 13 years, Cohen has served as Southern (Negev) District Archaeologist. Between 1976 and 1979 he led the excavations he describes in his article. Cohen has also directed the Negev Emergency Survey, part of Israel’s archaeological rescue work in anticipation of construction of new Negev airfields after Israel withdraws from the Sinai. Cohen has excavated at many other sites including Atar Haro’a, Horvat Haluqim, Ein-Qedeis and Kissufim. Cohen wrote about the last site in “The Marvelous Mosaics of Kissufim,” BAR 06:01.

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