Biblical Archaeology Review 7:4, July/August 1981

Queries & Comments

Prefers the Editor’s Wife

To the Editor:

I enjoyed the short article by Judith W. Shanks, “A Plea for the Bedoul Bedouin of Petra,” BAR 07:02. It was a refreshing personal article that took me back to my many years in the Middle East. It’s a pity that her husband, Hershel, cannot write half as refreshingly and interestingly as Judith.

C. Thomas Eggleston American Embassy Bern, Switzerland

Petra Article Causes Thrills and Chills

To the Editor:

Philip Hammond’s “New Light on the Nabataeans,” BAR 07:02, was extremely interesting to one who has visited Petra as an ordinary uninformed tourist.

It would have been even more helpful if it had included a rough sketch or map of the entire area.

W. Paul Tarter San Mateo, California

To the Editor:

Thrills and chills! Thrilled to have a copy of BAR dealing with Petra—superb! Chills—my subscription had run out and I came close to missing this fine issue.

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