Biblical Archaeology Review 7:6, November/December 1981

Queries & Comments

Offended by BAR’s New Idol Set

To the Editor:

Cancel my subscription.

When BAR starts selling idols, the next step will probably be selling instructions on proper worship of such idols.

Claude F. Pope St. Petersburg, Florida

Where Did the Fleeing Israelites Get Ships?

To the Editor:

I read with great interest your article on Professor Goedicke’s Exodus theory (“The Exodus and the Crossing of the Red Sea, According to Hans Goedicke,” BAR 07:05) and although I can’t agree with all of Professor Goedicke’s interpretations, I do find his theory more believable than that of Professor Krahmalkov.

The circumstantial assumptions for Krahmalkov’s own theory fall under their own weight. For instance, according to Mr. Krahmalkov, the Israelites journeyed to Qoseir—a 107 mile trek through the desert—and there, he blandly states, they departed by ship. What ships? If the Israelites were numbered in the hundreds of thousands, or even tens of thousands, how many ships would be needed to transport such a mass of people? Even if there were enough ships, which seems very unlikely, did they simply commandeer them or did they have previous arrangements made with the dock authorities to transport an entire nation quickly please and do you give discounts? If it was done ferry-style (i.e., each ship coming back for more loads), has anyone figured out the time element involved, since the enemy was in hot pursuit?

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