Biblical Archaeology Review 8:1, January/February 1982

Excavation Opportunities 1982

Diving to recover Herodian columns from Caesarea’s harbor, breaking ground at a new dig in Jordan, restoring a Middle Bronze (22nd–16th century B.C.) “mansion” in the Sharon Plain—these are a few of the excavation opportunities for volunteers in 1982.

A dig provides the chance to live with other volunteers from many parts of the world and perhaps to discover an inscribed sherd, a rare musical instrument, or a common cooking pot that seems so special when it’s found in your digging area. You will also discover muscles you may not have challenged and what it’s like to awake and work before dawn. Although most digs set 18 as a minimum age for volunteers, as Professor Ken Holum, area supervisor at Caesarea, stresses, “There is no maximum. We’ve had very fine excavators who are in their 60’s and 70’s.”

The digs are as diverse as the nationalities and ages of their volunteers. Minimum stay, academic credit, location, costs and accommodations are all variables to be considered. Write for more information to the representatives of digs that complement your own hopes and expectations. You may decide to join the scores of BAR readers who, in summers past, have volunteered for the adventure of hands-on archaeology.

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