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Biblical Archaeology Review, July/August 1982



What We Know About the Philistines

By Trude Dothan

The Bible is understandably hostile to the Philistines, describing them as a pleasure loving, warlike society of pagans ruled by “tyrants” who threatened ancient Israel’s existence. An unscrupulous enemy, the Philistines deployed Delilah and her deceitful charm to rob Samson of his power. In a later period,...Read more ›

Ancient Jerusalem’s Rural Food Basket

The “new” archaeology looks for an urban center’s agricultural base

By Gershon EdelsteinShimon Gibson

Until recently, archaeology—or at least Near Eastern archaeology—has been regarded primarily as a historical science. Its focus was history and particularly political history—kings and kingdoms, battles and destructions, the rise and fall of civilizations. That focus has now shifted somewhat. It is difficult to put a date...Read more ›

John Bright’s New Revision of A History of Israel

By Norman K. Gottwald

The following review of the new third edition of John Bright’s A History of Israel was written by Professor Norman K. Gottwald of New York Theological Seminary. Bright’s History has been a dominant influence in Biblical scholarship for more than 20 years, and Gottwald’s review, written for...Read more ›

BAR Jr.: Sherds, Sherds, Sherds

By Oded Borowski

“The remains of the city were found buried under a heavy layer of ash and destruction debris … ” “ … ovens and grinding installations were found in many of the rooms … ” “ … a large cemetery was discovered on a hill facing the tell...Read more ›