Biblical Archaeology Review 8:6, November/December 1982
Special Bible Section

The New King James Version

First revision of classic bible in more than 200 years

Not since 1769 has the venerable King James Version of the Bible been revised. This year Nelson Publishers brought the King James Version into the twentieth century with care and reverence for its beloved cadences and familiar archaic language.a

The King James Version of the Bible, originally published in 1611, eventually became the official Bible of Protestants and won praise from Catholics and non-Christians as well. It was accurate for its time; it was intelligible; and when read aloud, it was lyrical and majestic.

The translation has aged slowly, gracefully. Between 1611 and 1769, it underwent four major revisions (and hundreds of minor revisions). An anonymous editor at Cambridge University updated it in 1629. Cambridge produced two more versions: those of John Bois in 1638 and Thomas Paris in 1762. The edition currently being used is Benjamin Blainey’s revision of 1769, produced at Oxford University. Religious authorities in Great Britain designated the 1769 version “official” and although hundreds of other Bibles have since been produced, the King James Version has maintained its dominance through the centuries.

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