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Biblical Archaeology Review, September/October 1983


Special Section

Remembering Ugarit


The recent death of the eminent excavator of Ugarit, Claude F. A. Schaeffer, is an occasion both to remember this great French archaeologist and to revisit Ugarit (Ras Shamra) where Schaeffer spent more than 30 years of his professional life. In the articles that follow we will...Read more ›

Remembering Ugarit

The Tablets from Ugarit and Their Importance for Biblical Studies

By Peter C. Craigie

For 40 years Claude Schaeffer directed excavations at Ras Shamra in Syria. There he and his colleagues uncovered the remains of the long lost city of Ugarit, a Late Bronze Age metropolis in early Biblical times. And among the ruins of Ugarit, he found the archives of...Read more ›

Remembering Ugarit

The Last Days of Ugarit

Drought, famine, earthquakes and, ultimately, fire ended civilization at Ugarit

By Claude F. A. Schaeffer

About 1200 B.C., civilization in the then-known world seemed to come to an end. Major urban centers from Cyprus, Anatolia, and Egypt to Palestine and Amurru were destroyed or severely damaged. Entire ethnic groups disappeared. Thus concluded what archaeologists call the Late Bronze Age, the last major...Read more ›


A Visit with Ahilud

A revealing look at village life when Israel first settled the Promised Land

By Joseph A. Callaway

I first learned of Ahilud in 1969. I had been director of excavations at the ancient site of Ai, the second city taken by the Israelites when they entered Canaan, according to the book of Joshua (Joshua 7–8). I had been working at Ai...Read more ›

Whither ASOR?

Identity crisis over Biblical archaeology afflicts scholarly organization

By Hershel Shanks

To archaeologists, the acronym ASOR is as well-known as MASH is to a generation of television viewers. ASOR stands for American Schools of Oriental Research.a It is the premier organization of professional American archaeologists whose scholarly interests focus on the Near East—what in other times might have...Read more ›