Biblical Archaeology Review 9:5, September/October 1983


Biblical Archaeology Review

Jerusalem Mayor Avid BAR Reader

BAR sent Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kollek a complimentary subscription. Mayor Kollek’s reply is pictured below:

BAR Tour Will Attend Jerusalem Congress on Biblical Archaeology

The response to our announcement in the last issue that the April 1984 BAR tour will include attendance at the International Biblical Archaeology Congress in Jerusalem has been surprisingly heavy. If you have not yet requested additional information about this exciting tour, fill out and return the coupon. In the meantime, we list below the schedule of the Congress and the world famous scholars who will be participating.

International Congress on Biblical Archaeology Marking the 70th Anniversary of the Israel Exploration Society

Jerusalem, April 15, 1984

Organized by: the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities and the Israel Exploration Society

Provisional Program

Sunday, April 1, 8 p.m.

Opening Ceremony

Chairman: E. E. Urbach, President, Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities

Greetings: H. E. President of Israel

The Mayor of Jerusalem

Session I: Biblical Archaeology Today

F. M. Cross: The Biblical Aspect

B. Mazar: The Historical Aspect

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