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Dead Sea Scrolls

Everyone has heard of the Scrolls, but what do they actually say? These selected articles focus on the Scrolls themselves, how they’ve affected several scholars who have dedicated their professional lives to studying them, the nature of the site near which they were found, and what they teach us about early Christianity.

The articles below were hand-selected by the Biblical Archaeology Review editors especially for members of the BAS Library.

A View from the Caves

BAR, Sep/Oct 2011
by Sidnie White Crawford

Another View: Do Josephus’s Writings Support the “Essene Hypothesis”?

BAR, Mar/Apr 2009
by Kenneth Atkinson, Hanan Eshel and Jodi Magness

Did the Essenes Write the Dead Sea Scrolls?

BAR, Nov/Dec 2008
by Steve Mason

The Enigma of Qumran

BAR, Jan/Feb 1998
by Hershel Shanks

Was It an Essene Settlement?

BAR, Sep/Oct 1994
by Lena Cansdale and Alan D. Crown

The People of The Dead Sea Scrolls

Bible Review, Apr 1991
by James C. VanderKam

The Significance of the Scrolls

Bible Review, Oct 1990
by Lawrence H. Schiffman

The Dead Sea Scrolls and the People Who Wrote Them

BAR, Mar 1977
by Frank Moore Cross

The Dead Sea Scrolls: How They Changed My Life

BAR, Sep/Oct 2007
by James H. Charlesworth and James C. VanderKam

60 Years with the Dead Sea Scrolls Part 2

BAR, Jul/Aug 2007

Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls?

BAR, Jul/Aug 2007

The Dead Sea Scrolls: How They Changed My Life

BAR, Jul/Aug 2007
by Lawrence H. Schiffman and Geza Vermes

Dead Sea Scrolls Spotlight

BAR, Jul/Aug 2007

60 Years with the Dead Sea Scrolls

BAR, May/June 2007
by Hershel Shanks

Dead Sea Scrolls: A Short History

BAR, May/June 2007

Dead Sea Scrolls: How They Changed Life

BAR, May/June 2007

Qumran—The Pottery Factory

BAR, Sep/Oct 2006
by Hershel Shanks

What Jesus Learned from the Essenes

BAR, Jan/Feb 2004
by Magen Broshi