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It’s the most dramatic event in the Hebrew Bible—the flight of the Israelites from Egypt and their miraculous escape across the Red Sea. The articles we’ve selected here address several key issues: How much history is contained in the Biblical account? What was life like in ancient Egypt? What is the story of the Ten Plagues trying to convey? And much more.

The articles below were hand-selected by Biblical Archaeology Society editors especially for members of the BAS Library.

Israelites Found in Egypt

BAR, Sep/Oct 2003
by Manfred Bietak

How Reliable Is Exodus?

BAR, Jul/Aug 2000
by Alan R. Millard

Pharaoh’s Workers: How the Israelites Lived in Egypt

BAR, Jan/Feb 1999
by Barbara Lesko and Leonard Lesko

Let My People Go and Go and Go and Go

BAR, Jan/Feb 1998
by Abraham Malamat

Exodus Itinerary Confirmed by Egyptian Evidence

BAR, Sep/Oct 1994
by Charles R. Krahmalkov

Three Ways to Look at the Ten Plagues

BR, Jun 1990
by Ziony Zevit

Red Sea or Reed Sea?

BAR, Jul/Aug 1984
by Bernard F. Batto