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The Forgery Trial of the Century

After five years, the “forgery trial of the century” concluded in a Jerusalem courtroom and defendants Oded Golan and Robert Deutsch were acquitted of all major charges against them. In this collection of BAR articles, learn about the infamous James Ossuary and other alleged forgeries.

The James Ossuary

Burial Box of James the Brother of Jesus

BAR, Nov/Dec 2002
by André Lemaire

Brother of Jesus Ossuary

BAR, Jul/Aug 2003
by Edward J. Keall

Summary report of the Examining Committees for the James Ossuary and Yehoash Inscription

BAR, Sep/Oct 2003

Final Blow to IAA Report

BAR, Jan/Feb 2004
by James A. Harrell

“Brother of Jesus” Inscription Is Authentic!

BAR, Jul/Aug 2012
by Hershel Shanks

The Yehoash Tablet

Is It or Isn’t It?

BAR, Mar/Apr 2003
by Hershel Shanks

Don’t Rush to Judgment

BAR, Mar/Apr 2004
by David Noel Freedman

Strata: New Study Supports Authenticity of Yehoash Inscription

BAR, May/June 2009

Ivory Pomegranate and Other Antiquities

Probable Head of Priestly Scepter from Solomon’s Temple Surfaces in Jerusalem

BAR, Jan/Feb 1984
by André Lemaire

Forgery Hysteria Grips Israel

BAR, Sep/Oct 2005

Forgery Trial

The Other Shoe: Five Accused of Antiquities Fraud

BAR, Mar/Apr 2005

Strata: Forgery Case Collapses

BAR, Jan/Feb 2009

Strata: Forgery Trial Now in Hands of Judge

BAR, Jan/Feb 2011

Strata: Defendants Acquitted in Forgery Trial

BAR, May/June 2012
by Suzanne F. Singer