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The Historical Jesus

Is it possible to identify the first-century man named Jesus behind the many stories and traditions about him that developed over 2,000 years in the Gospels and church teachings? These articles, hand-selected by Biblical Archaeology Society editors especially for members of the BAS Library, attempt to answer this thought-proving question and grapple with the critical archaeological and Biblical issues that surround the search for the historical Jesus.

The Testimonium

Bible Review, June 1991
by John P. Meier

What Did Jesus Really Say?

Bible Review, Oct 1989
by Marcus J. Borg

The Short List: The New Testament Figures Known to History

BAR, Nov/Dec 2002
by Steven Feldman and Nancy E. Roth

How Jesus Saw Himself

Bible Review, June 1996
by N. T. Wright

Jesus of History vs. Jesus of Tradition

BAR, Nov/Dec 2010

The Eschatological Jesus

Bible Review, Oct 1996
by Dale C. Allison Jr.

Why Christians Must Search for the Historical Jesus

Bible Review, Apr 1996
by John Dominic Crossan

Why Search for the Historical Jesus?

Bible Review, June 1993
by John P. Meier

The Search for (the wrong) Jesus

Bible Review, Dec 1995
by Luke T. Johnson