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Isaiah the Prophet

Isaiah is arguably the most popular of all the Hebrew prophets who wrote their oracles. His writings are cited more than any other Hebrew text in the New Testament, and there are more copies of Isaiah than all the other prophetic texts combined among the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The specific dates of the prophet Isaiah’s life are unknown, but most scholars place his prophet activity around the late eighth century and early seventh century B.C.E. Hezekiah relied on the counsel of the prophet Isaiah, perhaps as a court prophet with walk-in privileges (2 Kings 19:2). The stories involving the siege of Jerusalem and Hezekiah’s recovery from illness featuring both King Hezekiah and Isaiah the prophet are recorded on three separate occasions in the Bible—2 Kings 18–20, 2 Chronicles 32, and Isaiah 36–39.

In this BAS Library special collection, gain fascinating insights into Isaiah the prophet.

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