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Remembering Three Archaeological Giants

Three significant scholars—who shaped and influenced the field of Biblical archaeology—passed away in the winter of 2017–2018, but their legacies live on. As detailed in the article “‘The Nobles of the People Dug It’: Remembering Three Archaeological Giants” in the July/August 2018 issue of BAR, the impact of Lawrence E. Stager, Ephraim Stern, and James F. Strange will be felt for generations to come. Revisit some of their noteworthy BAR articles—covering the Philistine marketplace at Ashkelon, pagan Yahwism, and archaeological finds at Capernaum—in a BAS Library special collection of articles handpicked by BAS editors.

Lawrence E. Stager

The Song of Deborah—Why Some Tribes Answered the Call and Others Did Not

BAR, January/February 1989

The Fury of Babylon: Ashkelon and the Archaeology of Destruction

BAR, January/February 1996

Buy Low, Sell High: The Marketplace at Ashkelon

BAR, January/February 2014
by Daniel M. Master and Lawrence E. Stager


Ephraim Stern

Pagan Yahwism: The Folk Religion of Ancient Israel

BAR, May/June 2001

The Other “Philistines”

BAR, November/December 2014

Phoenicia and Its Special Relationship with Israel

BAR, November/December 2017


James F. Strange

Video: The Archaeology of “Jewish Christianity”


Synagogue Where Jesus Preached Found at Capernaum

BAR, November/December 1983

Strange’s Laws of Archaeological Excavation

BAR, January/February 1985