Naḥal Ḥadera V

By Avi GopherRan Barkai

Naḥal Ḥadera V is located on the Coastal Plain, northwest of the modern city of Ḥadera and c. 500 m east of the present Mediterranean shore. It lies on a small hilltop in close proximity to the southern bank of Naḥal Ḥadera. The site is attributed to the Kebaran cultural complex of the early Epipaleolithic, dated to the end of the last ice age, some 22,500–17,500 years ago (calibrated). It is a large and intensively occupied site by Epipaleolithic standards, with an estimated area of at least 500 sq m and an archaeological deposit over 1 m deep. The deposit is in a sand dune lying directly on a kurkar unit.

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