Chronological Tables

PeriodCultureApproximate Dates
Lower PaleolithicEarly Acheulean
Late Acheulean
1,500,000–780,000 bp
780,000–400/350,000 bp
400/350,000–250,000 bp
Middle PaleolithicEarly Mousterian (Tabun D)
Middle Mousterian (Tabun C)
Late Mousterian (Tabun B)
250,000–110,000 bp
110,000–85/80,000 bp
85/80,000–50/47,000 bp
Upper PaleolithicEmireh Tradition
Early Ahmarian
Late Ahmarian
50/47,000–22,000 bp
Geometric Kebaran
Early Mushabian
Late Mushabian=Ramonian
Early Natufian
Late Natufian
22,000 bp–9,500 BCE
NeolithicPre-Pottery Neolithic A
Pre-Pottery Neolithic B
Pre-Pottery Neolithic C
Pottery Neolithic (Yarmukian, Jericho IX)
9,500–6,400 BCE
ChalcolithicEarly Chalcolithic (Wadi Rabah)
Middle Chalcolithic (Beth-Shean XVIII, Qatifian)
Late Chalcolithic (Ghassulian)
6,400–3,600 BCE
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