An update to Vol. 1, pp. 379–383.

By Benny ArubasHaim Goldfus


Some 17 years after the excavations of A. Negev, excavations were renewed at Elusa by Ben-Gurion University, under the direction of H. Goldfus (1997–1998, 2000), P. Fabian (1997), and B. Arubas (1998, 2000). Three seasons of excavations conducted so far have focused on the southeastern part of the site. In the summer of 1997, work was resumed in the area of the theater (area T) and a new area was opened in the potters’ workshops (area K). In the 1998 season, excavations were expanded in the theater and renewed in the East Church, the “Cathedral” (area C). In 2000, work continued in various parts of the church complex.


THE THEATER. The theater (area T), situated on the border of the southeastern quarter of the city, was identified and partly excavated by A. Negev. It was built symmetrically on an axis 27 m long, oriented southeast–northwest. Its maximum diameter is c. 34.5 m. In 1997, the areas uncovered by Negev were reexamined and the excavation was extended over an area of more than half of the northern part of the theater complex. The results of the excavations enable an almost complete reconstruction of the theater plan.

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