Panel Discussion

Hershel Shanks: When you fellows address one another it seems to me you have been too polite. (Laughter.) There seems too much, “Oh, what this one said was so right” and “I agree with that one who was so right.” There were some vigorous disagreements, but all with scholars who weren’t here—Israel Finkelstein, Norman Gottwald, Adam Zertal. So when we evaluate these comments expressing agreement, we have to remember that there have been disagreements with people who aren’t here to defend themselves.

As I listened to you, Bill [Dever], I thought that there was much that Baruch [Halpern] would disagree with, but I was sitting next to him as you spoke and I saw him nodding his head, yes, in agreement with you. (Laughter.) Let me ask our audience: If you were convinced by Bill Dever, raise your hand. How many were convinced by him? (Laughter.) And how many were not convinced by him? Well, I would say it’s two to one in Bill’s favor.

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